Wild Hunt Hack Update

Wild Hunt Hack Infinite Ammo, No Recoil and Heart Shot 2020

Wild Hunt hack update 2020, this hack enables you to have an unlimited ammo, unlock all weapon part, reduce animal speed when running and always heart shoot. Status this hack is 100% working, safe to use and to download and this hack is absolutely free, free download, without password and without survey.

Currently this Wild Hunt cheat is updated when developer update the Wild Hunt game, making it one of the best available. Don’t over use this cheat, to stay on the safe side and avoid being suspicion. This only works for the Wild Hunt PC with Facebook Gameroom, not for Android or iOS, if you searching hack for Wild Hunt for Android phone, get here Wild Hunt : Sport Hunting Games. Hunter & Shooter 3D Mod Apk

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Hack Features:

  1. Unlimited Ammo: Make gun never run out of ammo.
  2. No Recoil: No recoil would be no movement of the gun when firing constantly.
  3. Heart Shot: Always heart shot.
  4. Unlock all weapon part.
  5. Reduce animal speed run, easy to aim.

NOTE! Don’t enable Heart Shot hack and unlimited ammo hack if you want playing duel mode!

Hack and Game Information:

Hack Status : 100% working and safe.
Game Name
: Wild Hunt
Facebook Page : Wild Hunt Facebook Page
Game Link : Play Wild Hunt
Developer : Visit Website

Cheat Engine required. You must have Cheat Engine (don’t use v7.0) before download Wild Hunt hack, because this hack was made using Cheat Engine. Download Cheat Engine by click on the button below if you do not have (download and install):

Download Cheat Engine

Download Wild Hunt Hack V1.1. Download this hack for free, without password, without survey and hack file is safe from viruses. File size of this hack only 15 KB, so this hack is safe and comfortable to download and use (direct download, no popup and safe).

Download Hack Wild Hunt V1.1

Note!! If any of the hacks don’t work , let us know by click “Report Hack” button below and add your comment, so  we can update Wild Hunt hacks as soon as possible!

Report Hack

Tutorial How to Use:

  1. Play Wild Hunt game.
  2. Open hack tools then choosing PID of your browser by click “Process Handler” button and double click hunt.exe on the PID list (usually placed on the top most on the PID list).
  3. Still on the hack tools, now enable hack by click hack name button.
  4. Back to the game and enjoy.

Watch video tutorial below for more details:

48 thoughts on “Wild Hunt Hack Infinite Ammo, No Recoil and Heart Shot 2020”

  1. My account was flagged becouse the anti-cheat system detected that I tryed to play duels. so wrote me the Support. They said that I am no more able to play PVP (duels) . The rest is ok.
    I made a new one account but I have to begin again from zero. I began without hack V.09 and I can reguraly play with duels. After, I tried with the patch again but I am no more able to play duels.
    Can anyone help? Any suggestion?
    Thank you for a reply

  2. the patch work great but there are two things : first can’t play duels and second unlock weapons doesn’t work. thanks anyway for your work.

  3. thanks for your great work!!!! the only problem is that didn’t work in mode “duel”.
    may be is a problem of the game, can’t find anyone for playing a duel…
    anyway thank you for your job. GRAT!


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