Wartide Hack Updated and Working

Wartide Hack – LifeSteal, Defense and Attack Speed Hack

Wartide hack is free and useful hack tools for Wartide Game. Wartide hack enables you to increasing lifesteal rate, physical defense, magical defense and reducing attack speed cycle time base of your hero. This hack working in all game mode.

Currently this Wartide cheat is updated when developer update the Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis game, making it one of the best available. Don’t over use this cheat, to stay on the safe side and avoid being suspicion. This only works for the Cooking Adventure PC with Facebook Gameroom, not for Android or iOS.

I hope you have all found this Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis cheats useful. If this worked for you, please share this post and subscribe my YouTube channel!

Hack Features:

  1. Your hero always gets high lifesteal on attacking. Only for Your hero, enemy heroes don’t have it.
  2. Increase Physical Defense of Your hero, only for your hero.
  3. Increase Megic Defense of Your hero, only for your hero.
  4. Reducing attack speed cycle time base of Your hero, only your hero. Faster attack speed.

Hack and Game Information:

Hack Update : ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎June ‎26, ‎2019
Hack Version : 0.3
Hack Status : 100% working
Game Name
: Wartide Game
Game Link : Play Wartide Game
Facebook Page : Wartide Game Facebook Page
Developer : Visit Website

Wartide hack not using Cheat Engine, I made it by editing DLL file of the game directly. Download Wartide DLL edited for free, without password, without survey and this file is safe from viruses. Click button below to download Wartide DLL edited (direct download, no popup and safe):

Download Wartide DLL Edited V0.3 (6MB)

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How to Use Wartide Hack:

  1. Download and save Wartide DLL edited.
  2. Play Wartide via Facebook Gameroom.
  3. Now you must find Wartide DLL (Assembly-CSharp.dll) file location. Find Wartide file location by right click “Taskbar” >> Select “Task Manager” >> Select “Processes” tab >> right click “Wartide.exe” on the process list >> select “Open File Location” >> select wartide_Data folder >> select Managed folder.
  4. Backup Wartide DLL original (Assembly-CSharp.dll).
  5. After that, copy and paste Wartide DLL edited (Assembly-CSharp.dll) in the Managed folder. Overwrite Assembly-CSharp.dll original with Assembly-CSharp.dll edited.
  6. Back to the game, reload game and done. Enjoy your game.
  7. Or watch video tutorial below for more details.

Video tutorial how to use this hack:

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