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Star Wars: Commander Hack (2020) – v1.5

Free Star Wars: Commander hack update 2020. Star Wars: Commander hack tools enable You to make all enemy units and turret not attacking (idle), make your troop has unlimited attack range and rapid attack and also you will win instantly on the defense mission. Status this hack is 100% working, safe to use and safe to download. Download this hack tool for free, no password, no survey and this hack file is clean from viruses.

Currently this Star Wars: Commander cheat is updated when developer update the Star Wars: Commander game, making it one of the best available. Don’t over use this cheat, to stay on the safe side and avoid being suspicion. This only works for Star Wars: Commander PC not for Android or iOS.

I hope you have all found this Star Wars: Commander cheats useful. If this worked for you, please share this post!

Hack Features:

  1. Disable Defense: Make all enemy unit and turret not attacking, just idle.
  2. Rapid Attack: Make your troops has rapid attack.
  3. Attack Range: Adding unlimited attack range for Your troops.
  4. Attack From Anywhere: Your troops can attack from anywhere.
  5. Instant Win Defense Mission: You can complete the defense mission instantly and without any building damaged.

Hack and Game Information:

Hack Status : 100% working and safe no banned.
Game Name
: Star Wars: Commander
Game Link : Play Star Wars: Commander
Facebook Page : Star Wars: Commander Facebook Page
Developer : Visit Website

Cheat Engine required. You must have Cheat Engine (don’t use v7.0) before download hack, because this hack was made using Cheat Engine. Download Cheat Engine by click on the button below if you do not have (download and install):

Download Cheat Engine

Download Star Wars: Commander Hack V1.5. Download this hack for free, without password, without survey and hack file is safe from viruses. File size of this hack only 13 KB, so this hack is safe and comfortable to download and use. Click button below to download (direct download, no popup and safe):

Download Hack Star Wars: Commander V1.5

Note!! If any of the hacks don’t work , let us know by click “Report Hack” button below and your comment, so we can update the hacks as soon as possible!

Report Hack

How to Use Star Wars: Commander Hack:

  1. Download and install Cheat Engine if do not have, don’t open.
  2. Download Star Wars: Commander CETRAINER, don’t open.
  3. Play Star Wars: Commander game.
  4. After that, open hack tools and select PID by click “Process Handler” button and double click “StaRTS-standalonewindows-production-252-production.exe” on the PID list, usually placed on the top most.
  5. After that, enable hack by click hack button. Note! You must enable all hack on the loading page (first loading)
  6. Done, back to the game and enjoy.
  7. Or watch video tutorial below.

Video tutorial how to use this hack:

103 thoughts on “Star Wars: Commander Hack (2020) – v1.5”

  1. Good morning Master Deny Roger, the game has just been
    updated, hack version 1.4 no longer works, needs to be updated as well. Thanks again for the work and commitment.

  2. Hey Buddy,
    Huge fan of your work and the service you provide, completely appreciate everything you do.
    Would you happen to have an ETA on an update on this one?

  3. hi Deny! thanks for this diamond!! the hack stopped working, there was an update in the game! do something plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Good afternoon Deny Roger, thank you very much for making the update of the new hack available, thank you for not making us orphans. Congratulations on the great work. Thank you brother.

  5. Hey buddy, the hack is not working properly now, I can only engage the “Attack rage” hack and well, that doesn’t do much but get me killed a whole lot faster.
    If you could update the hack ot get it working again that would be great

  6. Hey Deny, Just wondering if there were any plans to get the Star Wars Commander hack back up and running? Since the game was last updated (Thursday May 9th) none of the hacks work.
    Truly appreciate your dedication and time on these. All the best


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