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Legend of Kings Hack Enemy Attack Self and Rapid Attack

Download Legend of Kings hack update 2019. This hack enable you to make enemy not attacking you and increased attack rate. So, if you use this hack, you will founded the enemy is weak and easy to beat. This hack also work on Arena, but your enemy power must equal or less then you, if not! you will lose.

Currently this Legend of Kings cheat is updated when developer update the Legend of Kings game, making it one of the best available. Don’t overuse, stay on the safe side and avoid being suspicion.

Hack Features:

  • Enemy Attack Self: Enemy attacking his friend and idle when having no friend in the back him.
  • Rapid Attack: Increasing attack rate. Working on both, so you must enable Enemy Attack Self hack before enabling this hack.

Hack and Game Information:

Hack Update : ‎‎July ‎01, ‎2019
Hack Version : 0.7
Hack Status : 100% working and safe.
Game Name : Lagend of Kings
Game Link : Legend of Kings: Kings Arthur

Legend of Kings hack is free hack, but you must have Cheat Engine (latest version) before download this hack because this hack was made using Cheat Engine. Download Cheat Engine by click on the button below if you do not have (download and install):

Download Cheat Engine

Download Legend of Kings hack V0.7. File size of this hack only 23 KB, so this hack is safe and comfortable to download and use. Click button below to download (direct download and no popup):

Download Hack Legend of Kings V0.7

Note!! If any of the hacks don’t work , let us know by click “Report Hack” button below and your comment, so we can update the hacks as soon as possible!

Report Hack

Tutorial How to Use:

  1. Play Legend of Kings game.
  2. Open hack then choosing PID of your browser by click “Process Handler” button and double click PID browser you are use on the PID list, example: FlashPlayerPlugin for Firefox, Chrome.exe for Google Chrome and FacebookGameroom.exe for Facebook Gameroom (usually placed on the top most on the PID list).
  3. Still on the hack tools, now enable hack by click hack name button.
  4. Back to the game and enjoy.

Watch video tutorial below for more details:

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