Cafeland Hack Cash

Cafeland Hack Permanent Cash, Coin, Instant Cooking 2020

Cafeland hack is free and useful hack for Cafeland game, this hack enables you to get 500 cash each level up, get 10K coin tip, instant cooking and add 100 food count. Status this hack is 100% working and safe to download.

Currently this Cafeland cheat is updated when developer update the Cafeland game (currently version 0.8), making it one of the best available. Don’t over use this cheat, to stay on the safe side and avoid being suspicion (don’t to much collecting cash, max is 1K). This only works for the Cafeland PC not for Android or iOS, if you searching hack for Cafeland on Android, get here: Cafeland – World Kitchen Mod Apk

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Hack Features:

  • Instant Cooking: Cooking instantly on each food item.
  • 100 Food Count: Get 100 food on each cooking
  • 10K Coin Tip: Get 10k coin tip on each, you will get 20k coin tip if there are 2 coin tip on table (multiple, safe and permanent).
  • 500 Cash on Level Up: You will see normal reward after level up but your cash will be adding by 500 on each level up, permanent cash.

Hack Information:

Hack Status : 100% work and safe no banned.
Game Name
: Cafeland
Game Link : Play Cafeland
Facebook Page : Cafeland Facebook Page
Developer : Visit Website

Cheat Engine required. You must have Cheat Engine (don’t use CE version 7.0) before download Cafeland hack, because this hack was made using Cheat Engine. Download Cheat Engine by click on the button below if you do not have (download and install):

Download Cheat Engine

Download Cafeland Hack V0.8. Download this hack for free, without password, without survey and hack file is safe from viruses. File size of this hack only 16 KB, so this hack is safe and comfortable to download and use. Click button below to download Hack Cafeland (direct download, no popup and safe):

Download Hack Cafeland V0.8

Note!! If any of the hacks don’t work , let us know by click “Report Hack” button below and add your comment, so we can update the hacks as soon as possible!

Report Hack

Tutorial How to Use:

  1. Play Cafeland game.
  2. Open Cafeland hack tools, then choosing PID of your browser by click “Process Handler” button and double click PID browser you are use on the PID list, example: FlashPlayerPlugin for Firefox, Chrome.exe for Google Chrome and FacebookGameroom.exe for Facebook Gameroom (usually placed on the top most on the PID list).
  3. After that, reload game and back to the hack tools.
  4. Now, stop game load before loading reach 20% or stopping game load before loading bar appear. Use “Stop Loading” button on the hack tools to stop loading.
  5. Still on the hack tools, now enable hack by click hack button and wait until “Success” message appear. After that click “Run Loading” button on the hack tools to running game again.
  6. Done, back to the game and enjoy.

Note: Now you can use instant cooking without clear all food on the counter and stove.

Watch video tutorial below for more details:

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  1. The site is still being updated. Deny Roger always comes through for us. I’m sure there is a full-time job and other responsibilities in between doing updates. Family first, gaming second.

  2. I don’t understand why V0.6 of cafeland hack is not working……… Is it just me? What did I do wrong? V0.5 worked great though!

    • Please close hack tool, reload cafeland game then use hack again. Why you want to reload? Now instant cooking hack working without cleaning the stove and counter

  3. Could it be put to give hearts in the rack too? It is the only thing missing in the rack, and this is giving 900 coins only and not 100k as written in the description. Other than that I’m loving the rack. thank you.

  4. Worked great until I uploaded latest cheat engine, now keeps saying hack failed for past 2 days. I uninstalled & reinstalled both the engine & cafeland hack & still not working


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